Worshipful Master's Address

Worshipful Master Eugene “Gino” Anderson

Giving honor to God, the Great Architect of the Universe

           To the craft of Trinity Lodge #18, I stand here tonight humbled by the task we have ahead, mindful of the sacrifices that lay in waiting and yet grateful for the trust you have bestowed in me

           To the elected and appointed officers, the craft entrust that each of us will uphold our office or station as they look to us for guidance and leadership. We took an oath that we will perform our duties to the best of our abilities and the craft should expect nothing less than that. Attendance, punctuality, participation, Masonic knowledge, appearance and positive attitude are merely a standard to be judged by. We will set a new standard, our light will shine so bright others can easily follow, we will blaze a new trail.

            I thank Past Master Samuel Grayson for his service and generosity to our Lodge, for the support and cooperation he has shown as the lodge transitioned to new leadership. When I speak of new leadership, this makes reference to a person, not towards a mindset, for he and I have always been on one common accord. The direction that Past Master Grayson has set the lodge on is a journey that we will continue as we focus on increasing membership with “good men”. Men that are worthy of wearing “Trinity #18” on their person.
           To the Past Masters of this great lodge, I view each of you as Boaz and Jachin, the pillars of support. I commend each of you for your dedication to the success of this lodge. I look to you to offer wise counsel when it is needed. You have ascended to the East and you know what rough ashlars are laying in wait. I challenge each of you to offer constructive criticism without ridiculing, to lend a helping hand, not push away, to make yourself available, not respond with “I did it before, now it's up to him”. Continue to assist and work toward the betterment of this lodge, for your wisdom and knowledge must be passed on to future generations of Masons in order for us (Trinity #18) to survive.

          To the remaining craft, the workmen. I along with you shall labor in the quarry to build upon what stands before us tonight. To continue erecting this Temple we call Trinity #18. Allow yourselves to be lead and support the administration that you have elected.  Maintain solidarity, unity and cohesiveness amongst yourselves, for one day “God willing” you will also sit in the East.  This will eliminate anyone from becoming a ruffian such as (JO,JA, JM). 

         We must all be aware of our surroundings when referencing our lodge. Do not be so quick to speak, but listen without passing judgment, protect the lodge image through truth and integrity. Remind yourself of the attentive ear, the instructive tongue and the faithful breast. Be true to yourself and to the lodge, ever remembering that it is an honor and privilege to call yourself a Prince Hall Mason.

Harmony being the support of all institutions, especially this of ours.

         I Eugene “Gino” Anderson without any hesitation, mental reservation or secret evasion promise to humbly serve you as the Worshipful Master of Trinity Lodge #18, for the year of 2012.

                                                                                             Eugene “Gino” Anderson                                           
                                                                                             4 January 2012